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How To Buy A House

Congratulations, you have finally found a house worth calling home and your offer has been accepted. But what comes next?

1. You need to choose an exceptional solicitor

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2. Instruct your solicitor and inform relevant parties

Once you have appointed your solicitor, they will send you paperwork to complete. We would recommend that you fill this in and return it as soon as you can. At Versus Law we are happy to talk you through this initial paperwork if needed, we can do this by email, over the phone or in person (covid restrictions permitting).

Once you have chosen your solicitor, you should provide the estate agent and your mortgage broker/lender (if applicable) your solicitor’s details.

3. Produce your ID and proof of funds 

Your solicitor will need to take copies of your ID and will also ask you for proof of how you intend to pay for the property i.e deposits, gifts, mortgage etc. It is best to disclose this information as soon as possible so that any issues or queries can be addressed promptly.

4. If you taking out a mortgage ensure your lender has everything they need. 

If you have a mortgage broker, check with them that they have everything they need in order for your mortgage application to progress as quickly as possible.

5. Instruct a surveyor

It is completely up to you whether you have a survey, but a house is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will make so we recommend getting one done. There are a number of different surveys available and a good survey will provide you with a thorough report on the condition of the property and potentially help you to negotiate down your original offer if there are any major defects found.

6. Your solicitor will carry out searches and raise enquiries

Your solicitor will check the documentation received from the seller’s solicitor and will raise any necessary legal enquiries.  Let your solicitor know if you notice anything out of the ordinary or want to raise anything.

Your solicitor will also carryout the legal searches in relation to several matters. This stage often takes some time especially if the information is not available straight away.

7. Exchange of contracts

Once enquiries have been completed, your mortgage off is ready (if applicable) and all the other parties are ready, contracts can be exchanged.

An exchange of contracts makes the transaction legally binding. If you change your mind after this point you are likely to incur a fine. You will also need to arrange buildings insurance as you will be legally bound to purchase the property.

8. Completion

This is the day when you get the keys to your new house. Your money is transferred to the seller’s solicitor and you become the legal owner of the property.

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